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Northwest Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd. (NWEPC) is one of the subsidiary companies of NWPCG. As a window and execution company of NWPCG for overseas project, NWEPC mainly engages in project management, technical service, construction/installation, commissioning, operation & maintenance service, exportation of power equipment & material, and supply of spare & accessory part.
In the 1990s, China’s power plant manufacturers began to export large-scale plant and equipment to other countries along with the technology development.
As one of the biggest professional power construction corporations in China, NWPCG actively participates in international power projects. From 1996 to now, NWPCG has been involved in construction of power plants in more than 10 countries with accumulated installed capacity above 8,600 MW.
In 1996, NWPCG took part in the construction of Kuwait Azoer South Oil-fired Power Plant (8x300MW).
In 1998, NWPCG took part in the construction of Iran Coal-fired Power Plant (3×330MW) which China exported.
In 2004, NWEPC, as the overseas representative of NWPCG, successfully entered into the Southeast Asia market, which had been dominated by several developed countries for years; and participated in the first set of 2×300MW power plant (Cilacap Power Plant, EPC contracted by Chengda) exported from China to Indonesia with project management, technical service, and construction.
In 2005, for the purpose of supporting post-disaster reconstruction of the Indonesia Tsunami, NWPCG/NWEPC undertook the relocation of Meulaboh Power Project under an EPC contract.
In 2006, NWPCG/NWEPC entered India market by participating in the construction of SAGARDIGHI (2×300MW) & DURGAPUR (1×300MW) with Project Management, Technical Service, Erection and Commissioning.
In 2007, NWPCG/NWEPC has been involved in a series of projects of 10,000MW Package Power Plants exported from China to Indonesia, by means of construction management, partial construction, commissioning, or technical consultant service, such as LABUAN 2×300MW, SURALAYA 1×600MW, REMBANG 2×300MW and PACITAN 2×300MW coal-fired power plant projects, which include 600MW grade, the first unit exported from China. Among the series projects, NWPCG/NWEPC participated with approximately 24%, and the sum capacity reaches above 2,400MW.
In 2008, NWPCG/NWEPC entered Vietnam market by means of construction contracting the Uong Bi Power Plant (1x300MW).
In 2010, NWEPC has been involved in Kalimantan Selatan 2×65MW power plant in Indonesia by means of installation and technical assistance.
In Feb. 2012, NWEPC has been involved in Project management of Bangka 2×65MW power plant in Indonesia. And in April, NWEPC also involved in India MARUTI 1×300MW project by the same way.
In 2014, NWEPC has been involved JAMBI TG28/29 project by installation and commissioning,  BALIK PAPAN 2×100MW project by technical service and PERAWANG MB24&MB25 project by technical transformation.
In 2015, NWEPC has been involved Central Sulawesi 2x150MW project which general contracted by NWEPC; the first unit only takes 10 months to produce electricity.
NWPCG/NWEPC has made a lasting impact on the Middle East, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Cambodia and the African Congo through many years of overseas experience.
Along with the expanding Chinese power equipment export, the overseas NWPCG/NWEPC group is now a first-class international power construction enterprise by means of project management, construction/erection, commissioning, technical service and etc. even the EPC contracting.

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